Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Seven things we must abolish, repeal and overturn - Updated

1. Capital punishment
2. The electoral college
3. Citizens United
4. Eminent domain
5. Sales taxes
6. Daylight saving time
7. The Patriot Act

Sunday, November 18, 2012

If GOP changes its values, then it is useless.

After wasting millions of dollars on silly television ads, the GOP still lost the presidency. Now, the party is in a tail spin, and madly trying to figure out what it needs to do to appeal to the masses. Its members are openly talking about 'broadening' their appeal and becoming less extremist.


Why question your own core values? If you renege on your own values, what are you worth? You stood for something, and you lost the election. Are you running for office because you truly believe in something, or are you just running for office for the sake of power itself?

If you truly believe in what you preach, then why revisit your core values? Why redefine what your party stands for? If you won't even stand for your most basic principles, what are you worth?

If, on the other hand, everything you said was retarded populist fluff, and that your true aim is to gain power for the sake of power, and to give tax cuts to your billionaire campaign donors, then by all means, do whatever it takes to gain votes. Be a liar, be false prophet. Sell your soul for a few more votes. Say whatever it takes and tell them what they want to hear.

A political party should not be a business. The purpose of a business is to make profits. The purpose of a political party is to achieve political goals. If you change your goals to suit voters' demands, then what the hell is your purpose? Your party is not worth it. Parties should not adapt for the sake of surviving. Parties should stand for something immutable. You should stick to your beliefs and go down with the ship. Because if you have any integrity, you will believe in what you believe until the very end.

The days of the Republican party are numbered. It is the party of racist old white men and imperialist billionaires. The truth is, out of 300 million people in the USA, only 58 million actually voted for Romney, so if I said that 242 million Americans didn't give a shit about Romney, I would be telling the truth.