Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Dark Knight Rises Shooting Spree

Yes, the recent mass shooting in Colorado is going to scare people into demanding more gun control.

But before you join them, consider this: Crazy people will do crazy things no matter what. If they don't have guns, they will make bombs. Especially the crazies with science degrees; they know chemistry. Banning firearms will only make them seek different weapons, weapons that could be even more deadly.

So do yourself a favor. Instead of demanding more gun control laws, ask for more spending on mental health screening and prevention. Ask for more spending on psychiatric research. Ask for more funding for mental hospitals.

And buy yourself a defensive weapon. Shoot back at crazies. The crazies, in their wild mass-murder fantasies, never imagine their victims shooting back at them. If more and more victims start shooting back, fewer and fewer crazies will find the thought of a shooting spree interesting; hunting is never fun when the prey shoots back at you. Crazies like defenseless victims, because they like abusing the weak; their worthless selves get a sense of empowerment from depraved fantasies of the sort.

Don't be weak. Don't be a victim. Nature is cruel. Survival is a savage and brutal thing. Our ancestors did not survive for millions of years by being weak and defenseless. Arm yourself and defend your life. Self-defense is a basic human right. Do not let your fear of crazy wackos with dyed hair make you give up your right to self-defense.

And don't live in fear. You are more likely to be hit by lightning than you are to be shot by a crazy wacko, yet no one is clamoring for lightning control...

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