Thursday, July 12, 2012

A Computer Tablet for Christians

Well, it looks as if Christians now have their very own Tablet, the Edifi(R). It comes complete with the Android operating system, a 7-inch screen, a porn blocker, a Christian radio app and 27 translations of the Bible, all for the low-low price of $149.99, which honestly, is a pretty good price for a tablet, though I haven't seen the technical specs of the hardware.

See the video at this link:

While you are there, I strongly invite you to check out the hilarious comments left by readers of that story:

Some precious gems:

  • "And all along I thought tablets made for christians were chiseled stone."
  • "Is it invisible and powered by faith? If so, I have a garage full of them. They are $148 each and I will pray for you."
  • "On a techie note, I wonder if this is rootable?  The hardware actually looks somewhat interesting.   It would be hilarious to see some heathen root and build a totally satanic and porn ridden Android ROM for it."
  • "Also blocks most climate change, evolution, and general science sites. Knowledge blocker."
    • " i'm dying to see Google Flat Earth, Ptolemaic Edition."
      • "Lol. Google Flat Earth. Complete with Apocalyptic Horsemen GPS. Track their destruction."
  • "I wonder how you abort processes that run on these things..."
    • "There has to be so many corrupt files on that thing as your only option is to pray the virus away."
      • "You don't; every failed application is a gift from god."


  1. More comments from Twitter:

    @jonacuff at least people will have something to read "50 Shades of GRACE" on.

  2. The company promises that the child slaves who built them were Christian.