Thursday, March 15, 2012

Wine Induced Musings

Now that I know that cheap wine tastes just as good as expensive wine, cheap wine tastes even better.

How is it that an atheist blogger such as myself consistently ends up dating women who all went to the same Catholic university? How is it that one of the aforementioned women is a current student at said university and studying - of all things - religion? For all my rants against religion, I don't seem to mind spending intimate time with religious women, so long as they are physically attractive and morally loose. Would I attract even more catholic women if I tried the Pope's new cologne?

Is it funny to anyone else that the current crop of GOP clowns take themselves so seriously?

Should I feel sad that the world's ugliest dog died?

Should I be surprised that humans are not meant to eat cadmium?

WTF is this, really?

1 comment:

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