Thursday, March 29, 2012

Is Facebook A Cult?

Is Facebook a cult?

Just this week, I've had four people ask me why I wasn't on Facebook.

"You didn't know about the party? If you'd been on Facebook you would have known about it."

"You're not on Facebook? Huh? How will I be able to communicate with you?"

"Get on Facebook! I'll be your first friend!"

"Don't you have a Facebook? What's wrong with you?"

"You should get on Facebook! Everyone's doing it!"

Holy crap everyone just shut the hell up please. Y'all are starting to sound like a bunch of moonies recruiting for some online doomsday cult. It's like a mental zombie virus that incubates inside the brain and then seeks by all means to propagate by infecting others. I want none of that, no thank you. It's nothing but a fad, and like near-defunct myspace and friendster that preceded it, it's going to fall into oblivion.

I can't go to a website nowadays without being asked to use my 'facebook id' to log in. It's like a worm spreading from computer to computer and infecting websites all around the world. There is no reason why people should look at me as if I had two heads just because I don't have a membership at some BS website that I have no use for.


  1. What this here "internet" you folks are all yammering about? I got me some books, that ought to work just fine.

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  3. Is that really what I sound like?

    The worse part is when my company mandated that I include a link to the corporate Faceplant page in my email signature. What an affront to my dignity.

    Seriously screw social networking. I don't give a crap about pictures of people's cats and kids, and I don't want my crazy ex-girlfriends to even know I'm still alive.

    How do I sign up for the witness protection program? Now that's something I'd be willing to join.

  4. I don't understand why people complain about Facebook, especially people who... I dunno... don't use it.

    Obviously I'm indifferent to whether you're on there or not (it's none of my business), but it's not a bad thing. I have two accounts: one for blogging (I never see cat pictures) and another for family (which I rarely use). I also block the updates of people who constantly post about their kids from appearing on my feed (or I just flat out defriend them).

    Why do I do it? Well... the blogging one is to increase traffic (which it has, since I have my blog posts set to be posted with a link on Facebook). The other one I made while I was in college, when Facebook was only for college kids, because it got me laid like 7 times. Now it's mostly used as my primary means of communicating with high school buddies I used to chat with on AIM.