Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Alcohol Prohibition Alive And Well In Some US Counties

Leave it to the BBC to bring us interesting information about our own country.


  1. I live in Southern Tennessee.
    What I fnd quite interesting, Jack Daniels has their only distillery about 10 miles from me - in a DRY county.
    I haven't had a drink of booze in 20 years. However, I would never be so intrusive as to tell anyone they couldn't drink it.

  2. Blue laws and other restrictions on legal items has always been a point of contention between liberty and the ability of communities to govern themselves. I always fall towards liberty.

    I would wonder how many of these laws would be overturned if out directly to voters?

  3. I would have expected to see a lot more yellow and red in Utah. Actually, Utah has great micro-breweries, I was pleasantly surprised to discover that fact when I visited Moab. The interesting thing I heard on the radio the other day was a mormon restaurant owner who said he didn't mind selling alcohol because it was good business, even though he had never had a drink in his life himself.

    I guess there is a legitimate concern with drunk driving, but no law can prevent that. People can brew in their own kitchens, and have been for thousands of years, so that is a losing battle.