Tuesday, February 7, 2012

On Syria

I took the side of non-intervention during the NATO involvement in Libya. My fear was to have the US be bogged down in yet another un-winnable, costly ground war that would cause yet another people to hate us for occupying their land. In the end, I was surprised that the US did not send ground troops and actually allowed the Libyan people have their own uprising. I was a bit appalled at the way an angry mob tortured and killed Gaddaffi instead of arresting him - as I am opposed to the death penalty as a rule - but in the end, the Libyan people were free, and the US emerged 'not the bad guy', a refreshing outcome.

What is currently going on in Syria is indeed troubling. I think a nice gesture would be for the US government and its allies to airdrop supplies and weapons into towns and villages to aid Syrian rebels. I'm thinking crates full of M-4 rifles with the words "A gift from the free people of the United States of America to the free people of Syria. May the right of the people to keep and bear arms never be infringed" stamped on them. Let the people of Syria be armed and rise up against their malevolent dictator. Of course, the CIA is probably already doing such a thing, right? History will tell.

This is rare occasion where I actually agree with Senator McCain, who recently said that we should arm the protesters. State Department spokesperson Victoria Nuland responded we don’t think more arms into Syria is the answer," but I disagree with that. In this case, more arms is the answer. Too bad Syria doesn't recognize the right to keep and bear arms. Let that be a lesson for all.



  1. I searched for "atheist syria" and this is what i get, you sir are clueless about the mideast politics, i guess you didnt hear about the civil war in syria, and alqaeda spreading through syria and north africa, especially libya. i guess the important thing is you fuckers got to keep the oil and gas flowing.

  2. What do you mean by I guess you didn't hear about the civil war in syria ,? Civil war is exactly what I am talking about and I am saying the Syrian people should rise up and fight back against their government. Obviously you misunderstood what I wrote. I am on the side of the Syrian people, not their oppressive government.

    As far as Al Qaeda is concerned, I don't think that Al Qaeda even exists. I think this is just propaganda bullshit to scare people into giving up their civil liberties and funding the military industrial complex to go to 'war' against a couple religious lunatics that are too dumb to have a cohesive command structure. Al Qaeda is an imaginary boogeyman.

    Thank you for calling me a fucker, that really set the mood for this conversation. I don't care about gas and oil from the Middle East, because unlike the imperialist pigs in charge of my country, I care more about world peace and democracy. We import more oil and gas from Canada than from any other country, and honestly I'd rather just use a different energy source, if I had a choice.

    I want all US troops to leave the middle East and come back home. I don't want to pay for this imperialist war bullshit with my tax dollars.