Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Is anyone reading this?

Is anyone reading this? Anyone besides the FBI? (HI FELLAS!) :-)

I didn't think so. Damn.

I must be even less interesting than I thought.

It's not everyday that a genius such as myself comes along, and dares to defy convention by shattering left-right stereotypes and blending libertarianism with progressivism, and I must say, I think I am ahead of my time. I am a visionary, and the world is not ready for me. Too smart for my own good, such is the curse of mine. Google analytics is showing some rather strange stats.

Perhaps I just write about crap people don't care to read about.

Maybe I should write about how Siri has the potential to become Skynet.

Maybe I should write about my cat.

Maybe I should write about the super hot girl with a perfect body that goes to my gym.

Maybe I should just ask her out. I am way hotter than her fat-ass boyfriend.

Maybe I should write about the same things everyone already watched on CNN.

Why do I bother with this blog?


  1. Just found your blog.you have one reader!

  2. I still read you. Lots on my mind recently, so few comments.

    Ask the girl out altready.

    1. How's this for a pick-up line: "Excuse me, I couldn't help but notice how you walk around the gym wearing only your sports bra and no shirt, and I wanted to compliment you on how this bra matches your hair color so perfectly. Now please put on some baggy clothes and a burqa before I have a heart attack."

      She is too intimidating.

  3. Don't feel bad. Few people read my blog either.