Sunday, February 19, 2012

Architecture of a Police State

Architecture of a police state: A step-by-step transition from democracy to tyranny

1. Under the guise of fighting crime and terrorism, impose strict gun control.
2. Offer free services and programs to make the people dependent on the state.
3. Under the guise of economic bailouts, nationalize private businesses.
4. Under the guise of fighting foreign wars, ramp-up military industrial production and recruiting.
5. Under the guise of fighting crime and ensuring national security, institute domestic surveillance of communications and computer systems.
6. Under the guise of modernism, phase out cash in favor of electronic money, which can be tracked digitally.
7. Under the guise of morality, censor the web and nationalize the media. Ban books. Institute a propaganda department and nationalize education.
8. Under the guise of standardization, institute a national ID card to replace all other forms of ID.
9. Under the guise of fighting drugs, establish curfews, checkpoints and roadblocks and institute warrantless searches.
10. Under the guise of cost-cutting, centralize government.
11. Merge the executive, legislative and judiciary branches of government.
12. Abolish habeas corpus.
13. Abolish the bill of rights.
14. Arrest all political adversaries and crush dissenters by force of arms.
15. Impose a state religion and burn all unbelievers at the stake.
16. Sit on your fat ass in a marble bathtub with gold fixtures and watch the bubbles boil to the surface when you fart. You did it! You're the King!

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