Saturday, February 11, 2012

Analyzing a possible hoax

A video recently surfaced, allegedly of a siberian woolly mammoth, crossing a river. If authentic, this is extremely exciting, as the species is thought to have gone extinct four thousand years ago. However, several things about this video raise suspicion:

1. The video is less than 10 seconds long. Why did the videographer stop filming after 10 seconds?
2. Why is the video so blurry? What kind of crap camera was he using? Could you even buy a camera this crappy in 2011, when this was supposedly filmed?
3. The person who posted the video, Michael Cohen, has been previously been associated with suspicious UFO-related material.
4. If the video was shot in the summer of 2011 as claimed, why did it surface just now in the age of YouTube and social media?
5. Could it be, as has been proposed, a video showing a bear holding a salmon in its mouth, which is so blurry that it resembles a mammoth with a trunk when viewed from afar?
6. I understand that Siberia is an enormous stretch of land... but finding a large mammal species that is supposed to be extinct is still doubtful... someone would surely have found more of them at some point in the past... animals the size of elephants don't hide easily.

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