Thursday, January 5, 2012

So what if Iran had a nuclear weapon?

The United States is the only country that has ever used nuclear weapons against another country. The year was 1945, and that other country was Japan.

According to the ican website:

"Between the 1960s and 1980s, an intensive arms race took place between the United States and Soviet Union. In 1986 the arms race reached its peak. At that time the two superpowers together had 70 500 nuclear weapons in their arsenals. The total explosive power of these weapons would have been enough to annihilate the world and all its living creatures approximately 25 times."

The USA and the Soviet Union collectively had the firepower to ELIMINATE ALL LIFE ON EARTH, yet no such thing took place. As a matter of fact, NOT A SINGLE nuclear weapon has been used in war since the US attack on Japan, in August 1945.

The US is THE force to fear. It is the only country with a documented track record of nuclear aggression.

Take a look at that number again: 70,500. 70,500 nuclear weapons, and not a single one of those was used in war.

It is estimated that the United States still has between 1,950 and 8,500 nuclear weapons. (source: And yet, we are supposed to be afraid of "big bad" Iran having ONE?

Do you even realize how astronomically enormous of a crater the USA could create in that part of the middle east if Iran dared to use that fictitious weapon and the USA decided to retaliate with just 1,950 of its own? Do you realize how much devastation that represents? That would represent the end of 6000 years of Persian civilization, and probably a 100-year nuclear winter that would usher in a new Ice Age and make us all wish we lived right on top of the Yellowstone supervolcano for a reliable source of heat.

And you propaganda-swallowing fools are afraid of IRAN? Iran is the least of our concerns. Even if they did acquire a nuclear weapon, it would be SUICIDE for them to use it.  For that very reason, I am confident that they would never use such a weapon. It's common sense.

Ignore the scare tactics of Washington war-mongering fools. With or without a nuclear weapon, Iran is powerless against the imperial military machine of the USA, in spite of the USA's imminent bankruptcy. Do as Ron Paul says; just leave them alone and they will leave you alone. Live and let live.

Wait! Does Iran have oil? What's that? They produce 4.1 million barrels of it per day? Well that changes everything now, doesn't it? Let's jump onto the warmongering propaganda train and eat up the lies and live in irrational fear so that one day their oil can end up making oil company shareholders filthy rich after we have invaded them and occupied them for 10 years looking for non-existent WMDs at the cost of a trillion dollars. Learn your history, damn it! Do you not remember the Iraq war, or were you born yesterday? It's the same lies over and over again. "Some unscrupulous non-Christian enemy is trying to acquire WMDs, OH NO!" It's always the same story, just a different boogeyman every time. And every time, you silly fools fall for it.

I do not live in fear. I live free.


  1. I'll do you one better and suggest I not only don't care if Iran has a nuke, I think the US should sell Iran one and use the proceeds to pay off some of the debt.

    How much is an atomic warhead going for these days?

  2. Why don't you go ahead and put that in a letter to your congressman. Then post his response on your blog.