Saturday, January 21, 2012

The Problem with Anarchy

Anarchy is the philosophical rejection of authority and power. The word literally means 'no power', which is complete baloney because there is always power, and there is always authority. Someone or something will always be dominant over someone, or over something else.

The true reason why anarchy cannot work is that anarchy does not exist.


  1. Anarchy is just another word for reversion to "might makes right" at the individual level. That is, until the first groups form...

    It's a shame. I still see anarchy as an ideal, albeit an almost inconceivable one. In a world where everyone does the right thing, anarchy is possible (or even inevitable).

  2. That is the best way I've ever heard that put. It is for that reason that I am a libertarian and not an anarchist. I'll take a small and HIGHLY controlled government over mob-rule any day.

  3. Anonymous; Thank you for the comment. Sometimes I wonder if people actually read what I write. Good to know that I have an audience.

  4. Anarchy doesn't literally mean "no power," it comes from the Greek anarchos meaning "having no ruler." I think the assumption that there must be a hierarchy in order to have any sort of social collective is flawed, but since we probably all grew up in a strictly hierarchical society, it is one of those deeply assimilated assumptions that we never question because we don't even know where it came from. There are groups past and present that have functioned without a "leader" or hierarchy; I am not sure how well that would scale or if it would scale up to large groups, but I wouldn't be so willing to dismiss the possibility out of hand.