Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Identity Crisis

I decided to drop the 'His Lordship' prefix of my online pseudonym, partly because I am fundamentally against the idea of nobility, even given my blood ties to actual nobility.

I originally picked the pseudonym of 'His Lordship' while going through a phase of exaggerated pride and ambition. I was so full of myself, and genuinely thought myself superior to the rest of humanity. I chose the title 'Gun-Toting Atheist' for my blog because it marries two concepts normally not unified. You have 'Gun-Toting' which is normally more of a 'conservative' idea, and 'Atheist' which is typically more 'liberal'. The idea was to show that liberalism and conservatism are just meaningless labels that fail to illustrate the myriad of ideological flavors that exist in the real world.

Then, since my blog was called 'Gun-Toting Atheist', I figured I'd add that to my pseudonym as a way to indicate that 'His Lordship' wasn't referring in any shape or form to the biblical 'Lord', and also to promote the blog through that 'brand'.

Speaking of brand, somebody registered, but it is NOT me. I should probably have snagged it while it was available. Whoever owns the domain name never really did anything with it as of this writing, but still. I am not affiliated with the owners of that domain name.

I mentioned I liked to call myself 'Lord' because it inflated my ego. I still feel superior, but I'm a bit older and a lot more humble. Life experience does that to oneself sometimes. I realized that like so many others, I was just a peasant. It was time to no longer call myself 'Lord', so I switched to calling myself just 'Gun-Toting Atheist'. There's also the clown factor; calling myself 'His Lordship the Gun-Toting Atheist' and commenting on serious articles and blogs is a bit ridiculous and does not inspire more serious bloggers to visit my blog. Perhaps even 'Gun-Toting Atheist' is a bit scary for some, and I should perhaps pick a more benign name, such as 'John Smith' for instance, but then I would lose the 'brand image' that through hard work and hours of writing has earned me upwards of 2 regular readers.

I'm not really trying to become a major website or anything like that, but I want to clean up my language a bit and be a tad more respectable. I'm done arguing with apologetics, I realize now that it's a dead end hobby, and besides, If I want to be taken more seriously by readers, I have to become more serious myself.

10 New Year Resolutions

10. No more use of the F word, even with the u replaced with an asterisk.
9. No more insults: even f*ing idiots need to be treated with respect from now on. (Last one, I promise...  could not resist making one last joke)
8. No more posting of material not relevant to the nature and purpose of this blog.
7. No more borrowing of photographs without posting image credits, when they are available.
6. No more negative commentary aimed at specific individuals, except when they are already in prison.
5. No more unsubstantiated claims.
4. No more negative commentary aimed at specific religions.
3. No more posting of material I would not want my mother to read.
2. No more angry rants.

And the most important one of all:

1. No more drinking and blogging.


  1. I'm glad resolutions were made to be broken, Your Lordship.

  2. I always liked the "His Lordship" part. It was amusing.