Sunday, November 6, 2011

Reflections on the "F" word

Why is the so-called "F" word so bad? Why must it be bleeped out in songs playing on the radio? Why must it not be printed in respectable newspapers? Why can't it be uttered in certain company? Generally, I try to avoid using this expletive. There are more eloquent ways to express surprise or anger. Plus, the more one uses that word, the more one is likely to slip and say it at the wrong place at the wrong time, and for a professional, it can be a bad habit. Even though I am writing a semi-anonymous blog, I try not to use that word, but sometimes I think to myself 'oh what the f*' and I go ahead and use it. I probably shouldn't.

Why are people so horrified of a mere word? Is is because of the sexual nature of the word when used in the literal sense? Most of the time, the word is not even meant in the literal sense. It is usually just a word of anger that sounds better than a caveman-like grunt. If the sexual meaning of 'f*ing' is a real problem, then why not bleep out other similar words, such as 'intercourse' and 'coitus'? Why are those words ok to say, when they mean the exact same thing? And why is sex such a taboo topic anyway? How were you born, did you come out of a magic egg delivered by a stork?

I agree that saying 'f*' in every f*ing sentence makes one appear uneducated and unprofessional. But why is it so? When I was a kid, we could say 'f*' out loud in school all day long without fear of reprimand because english was not our native language; and teachers didn't give a flying f* that we did, because 'f*' doesn't mean anything outside of the boundaries of the english-speaking world.

So please, educate me. Why is 'f*' a bad word and would it be such a big f*ing deal if, for instance, the President said it out loud during a live press conference? Would the f*ing world come to an end?

It's just a f*ing word, get over it.

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  1. SWEET! I finally got my first 'burn in hell' reaction. Apparently someone didn't like this post. What the f* is the f*ing problem here? Do you work for the F*.C.C.?