Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Hungarian police is overreacting

The film set of World War Z, an apocalyptic zombie movie based on a Max Brooks novel, was raided by the Hungarian police SWAT team, where they discovered 85 'illegal' firearms. I understand that it's their country and their laws, but frankly, what are they afraid of? That movie star Brad Pitt is going to go crazy  and shoot up real zombies? Firearms on movie sets are not used in crime; They are used to make movies. It is a silly distraction that the weapons were functional. If this is how you treat film companies that come to your country to spend millions of dollars, how will you treat your own citizens when they are in need to defend their own lives?



  1. If I remember rightly, the people of Hungary spent most of the 20th century suffering under various oppressive rulers.

    What happened here is an over reaction, but an understandable one.

  2. What oppressive rulers have in common is that they establish complete bans on civilan arms (so that the people cannot rise up against their tyranny). So I suppose it is understandable that the Hungarian government, with a history of oppression, would carry on this legacy, and take on a major Hollywood production to assert their dominance.