Monday, September 26, 2011

Mind Reading Coming Soon to a Police Station Near You.

It appears as if neuroscientists are on the verge of being able to reconstruct images from the human brain. In real time.

There soon will be an app for that, and it will automatically update your Facebook status with images pulled from your thoughts, in real time. Your most private perverted thoughts will be recorded for all to see.

Welcome to your worse nightmare.


  1. That would be truly awful, but I am not too worried about it happening in my lifetime, and if it did, I would visualize some things I cannot see in real life and want to. I would then need copies. It is not all bad.

  2. A film from the mind of Stephen King... literally...

  3. I do see a huge creative potential for this technology. I could close my eyes and imagine a masterpiece of a motion picture. No need for actors or special effects... The MPAA would hate this...