Tuesday, August 16, 2011

NO to the 'war tax'

Some people have figured out how to pay for the Iraq and Afghanistan wars: Raise taxes!!

Apparently, they want to add a 10% tax surcharge to pay for it, and bring in an additional $116 billion in revenue, which would cover the wars' projected 2012 cost.

The Gun-Toting Atheist has a much better idea: END THE WARS.

If the rich want war so much, get THEIR sons and daughters fitted with combat boots and ship'em off to Kabul tomorrow, and have THEM pay for it.

No one has ever intelligently demonstrated how these wars benefit average Americans in any way. Or any average person anywhere in the world, for that matter.

Imperialist wars of aggression must stop. The idea of increasing taxes to pay for those useless conflicts is stupid beyond belief.



  1. Such disrespect for our brave predator drones...

    If we wanted oil, we should have invaded Canada.

  2. The US doesn't have to invade Canada. Canadians are quietly buying up US companies and assets.

    Canadians are here, among us...