Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Kalam Gun-Toting Argument

(1) Self-defense is a human right.
(2) Guns allow for self-defense.
(3) Gun possession is a human right.


  1. I suppose, under the assumption that fear among gun owners is more important that fear of gun owners.

    After all, nothing makes a violent situation better than amateur crossfire.

  2. It doesn't make it better, but it puts an end to it sooner.

  3. Does it? Or does it just send innocent bystanders to the hospital and morgue?

  4. Don't aim at bystanders, duh.

    Besides, if there are innocent bystanders around, you have a responsibility to protect them.

    Or you could run away and hope the bystanders will distract the assailant away from you.

    Common sense dictates one should always use non-violence first to defuse the situation. That includes putting your running shoes to good use. Only use a weapon as an absolute last resort. Don't play heroes.