Friday, April 8, 2011

Bye, Bye Mr Beck

Republicans are smarter than I thought.

I mean it.

They have wised up to the fact that entertainers like Beck and Palin are too extreme and are giving them a bad name.

Now that Beck is no longer employed at Fox News, and that Gov. Palin's ratings are tanking in the polls, it seems apparent that the GOP establishment is realizing that a more reasonable approach is more likely to attract voters. A recent poll indicates that the percentage of Republicans who hold a non-favorable view of the Tea Party has increased. Perhaps republican voters themselves are growing wiser. Could this be true?

If the answer is yes, then Democrats need to get their act together, because a more moderate GOP is a much bigger threat to them, one that could siphon votes away from them.

However, let's keep in mind that neither Republicans nor Democrats have any idea what really needs to happen to fix this country. I think we should all write-in 'None of the Above'.

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