Friday, March 25, 2011

Tired of paying for pointless foreign wars of aggression

After paying my income tax bill earlier this week, a yearly ritual that I am required by law to engage in, I am left to ponder the significance of US foreign military involvement.

What it signifies is that I am required by law to pay for it. And it upsets me.

Libya? What's over there? Does anything even grow out there? I thought it was just a barren desert. Do they have oil? OH!..... That's why... Big Oil is in bed with the Military-Industrial Complex of course... and they got the puppet master strings hooked up to Obama's limbs, making him dance like a marionette, the same way they made Bush dance.

We hear "Oh we have to rescue these people, their government is oppressing them". You know this is just a convenient excuse. This is all about the oil. Not that Libya has a lot of oil. But they have an evil dictator, so they want that oil now.

Meanwhile we pay these high taxes to fund the military operations so they can go pump the oil.

Then we pay an arm and a leg for the gasoline they will refine from that oil.

Then we will pay sales tax on that gasoline.

We the morons of America are paying for all that. It's called vertical integration. We are vertically-integrated cash cows, bred for one purpose only: to produce revenue for the feudal pigs whose fiefdom we inhabit.

We are slaves with modern illusions of freedom.

This system is pretty depressing. We complacently participate in it, and we pay, and then we pay again, and our elected leaders just waste every single penny we pay, and still manage to run a f*cking budgetary deficit and rack up $#!+ loads of debt. "Just one more country to invade, I promise! It's only going to cost a few billions!"

Who cares about these distant sand dune countries that got along just fine before imperialist western pigs screwed everything up. Leave them alone and undo the damage imperialism has done. It is not the responsibility of tax payers to fix the problems of the world. DO YOU THINK WE ARE STUPID?

There is a glimmer of hope.

We can stockpile food to last a few months, and then stop producing and stop consuming. Sit on our fat high-fructose corn syrup-fed asses just long enough for the whole system to run out of money and come to a screeching halt. We have fat reserves, we can last a while. Just sit on our asses and do nothing. Don't need a million dollars to do that. Actually sounds quite relaxing. Just sit on our fat behinds and give the word sloth a new meaning while watching the pigs starve of money. A strike. A nation-wide walkout.

Just one and a half year until the next elections. It's time we elect a libertarian government. Republicrats and Demoblicans be warned: Get your resumes up-to-date, because your jobs are on the line. Enough of this two-party dictatorship already.

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