Thursday, March 31, 2011

Pay your taxes

As a person with libertarian inclinations, I do see taxation as the forceful act, performed by a state, of appropriating the fruits of a citizen's labor. In short, due to its mandatory nature, I perceive it as theft and extortion, especially when the money is spent on things I disagree with. As we approach the end of another fiscal year here in North America, it is easy to get upset at the amount of money our governments force us to turn over.

However, it is the law. And in our dealings with the state, we must always obey the law. Even if we disagree with the law, it is our obligation as citizens to abide by it. So I implore my readers to be honest in their tax filings. Please understand this does not mean that I agree with current tax policies. What I suggest is a perfectly legal form of protest: at the next elections, vote for candidates who vow to cut taxes and cut spending all the while balancing the budget, and NEVER re-elect a candidate who did not abide by that promise.

I am not against all taxes, as there are things I am indeed willing to pay for. But when too much of my tax dollars are being foolishly wasted, I make note of my elected representatives' voting records, and I keep it in mind at the ballot box.

But whatever you do, pay your taxes. Auditors do not have a sense of humor.


  1. While most people oppose paying taxes, what they don't realize is the continued shifting of tax burden to the Middle Class (from the Very Rich). I would be so happy to support a candidate who would have the backbone to say the Very Rich should pay 95% of all taxes (not just 40% today). Unfortunately, it is the Very Rich that gets candidates elected so nobody could run on such platform. Republicans in particular argue the "fairness" of higher taxes for the Very Rich; the only problem with that is 1) their wealth came from somewhere (i.e. the people), and 2) unfortunately the majority of population isn't capable of financially contributing to the society, let alone finishing high school. When Billionaires are allowed to exist, you gotta question there's something wrong with this picture. I am with Warren Buffet that you should give your wealth away once you've gathered enough to live for the rest of your life!

  2. I'm not saying billionaires shouldn't be allowed to exist, but I agree that they should be bearing the bulk of the tax burden, and people who make less than 100K per year shouldn't have to pay income tax.

    I do worry about concentration of wealth in too few hands. That's how monarchies got started, after all.

    My main concern is how over 50% of the Federal budget is spent on the military. The US spends more on its military than the rest of the world combined... are we safe yet?

    If we cut military spending in half, we could easily cut taxes by 25%.