Thursday, March 3, 2011

My propane dealer is a scammer

My propane dealer is trying to charge me over a dollar per gallon above the national average price. I tried to negotiate and they won't budge. Screw'em, I'm getting an electric water heater and come the spring thaw, they can come and get their goddamn fuel tank and shove it in someone else's backyard. Gratuitous pun intended.

Seriously... how do they even stay in business, given how they treat their customers? Do they not think that people shop around? Do they really think I am a dumbf*k when they try to convince me that the median residential prices listed on the US Department of Energy website are BS? I know what my friends are paying through their dealers, and surprise! surprise! it's in line with the national average. My dealer? A big scam.

Fossil fuels are not getting any cheaper. The prices are going only one way: UP. At least electricity prices are more stable, as a lot of electricity comes from wind, hydro or nuclear sources that do not fluctuate as much as other energy sources.

This whole Middle-Eastern-crap-hitting-the-fan-mess is doing wonders to accelerate the rise of the electric car. And the conversion from propane water heater to electric water heater.

I will not list the name of this company, but will only tell you this: Stay away from propane. It's a rip-off.

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