Monday, March 28, 2011

Atlas will shrug on Tax Day

The independent film "Atlas Shrugged", based on the Ayn Rand novel by the same title, will be released on April 15th, which in the USA is the due date for Federal tax returns. How appropriate.

The story explores what would happen if producers and innovators refused to go on being exploited by society and moved away. What it would result in, as Ayn Rand imagines, is the collapse of civilization as we know it. For producers and innovators are the driving force behind progress and growth, and in their absence, productivity becomes a distant memory.

Mark your calendars.


  1. Nothing like an overblown allegory of the rich kid who leaves and takes the ball home with him when he's losing.

    I'm still waiting for people who like Atlas Shrugged to leave the country, but they never do.

  2. Yep, and then the stupid kids are stuck without any balls.

    "We've got the balls, we make the rules!", say the rich kids.