Friday, December 31, 2010

What I learned in 2010

-Some opportunities only happen once. Seize them while they last.
-Never make any sort of commitment or promise.
-Yes, the car is just going to get dirty again the moment you pull it out of the car wash, but that doesn't mean you should never wash it.
-Getting a promotion after your friend is fired is not something you need to mention to him.
-We are all getting older. For now.
-Donating an old car to a charitable organization is not worth it if the new owner of the car never registers it and the City of Boston thinks you are liable for hundreds of dollars worth of unpaid parking tickets incurred weeks after the title was signed over because you are the last known registrant.
-Keep your large dogs in a separate room when your friends bring over their toddlers.
-Put a gate in front of the wood stove when your friends' toddlers are running around your living room.
-Don't argue politics or religion with people who might leave you an inheritance.
-I survived another year without joining Facebook. I can probably survive another one.

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