Monday, December 6, 2010

Dating Advice for Ladies (and for Gentlemen too)

Ladies, if you are single and attempting to date, here's an honest piece of advice: do not play hard-to-get. If you like a man, just tell him. You have nothing to lose by being honest about your feelings towards him. If you keep him guessing, he is going to move on. Remember the old saying "Fortuna audax iuva" (fortune favors the brave).

Gentlemen: If a lady plays hard-to-get, run. She is demonstrating a lack of ability to communicate effectively, and any relationship with her will be an emotional nightmare where she will expect you to develop special ESP powers to read her mind. Move on. Life is too short. Then ask your sister to give you a makeover, because no lady will want to date someone who looks like this:

Photo credit: unknown.

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