Wednesday, November 24, 2010

TSA: Traveler Sexual Assailants

People are all up in arms about intrusive security procedures at airports that involve naked body imaging (voyeuristic pornography) and 'enhanced' patdowns (molestation). And apparently, according to TSA, it's OK when the government does it.

I can see why travelers are upset. TSA is looking for terrorists, and apparently they assume we all are. (Trains and subways are just as vulnerable, so why not take naked pictures of you on your way to work as well?)

However, let's get real. No one wants to see naked pictures of your ugly fat body anyway. That's right, you're not as hot as you make yourselves believe, so chill, OK? Most of you aren't perfect tens (or sevens for that matter), so I wouldn't be too worried that some TSA pervert in a back room is going to be jacking off over your overweight potato physique. I don't think anyone at TSA enjoys looking at belly fat and saggy breasts all day. Sounds like a miserable assignment.

As far as I'm concerned, I am not ashamed of my fit and muscular body, I say let the whole world see it and be jealous of my dedication to athleticism and combat sports.

But don't F*cking touch my junk because you'll be needing arthroscopic shoulder surgery to re-attach your infraspinatus tendon, you, bureaucratic weakling.


  1. Dude, I'm not sensitive about the TSA seeing naked pictures of me because I think they're going to be sexually aroused. I'm worried because I have body image issues and I'm afraid they're going to be repulsed, or worse yet, amused at my expense.

    That and, oh yeah, I want to control who sees me naked because it's my damn body, not the government's.

  2. TL, I completely agree with you. The government is going too far.

    I know full well that people's main objection is not that TSA screeners will get aroused by the images (that was more or less an insensitive exercise in gratuitous sarcasm), and that people want to keep their nude bodies private for a wide variety of valid reasons.

    However, I have to wonder; what's so wrong with the human form that we have to hide it and be ashamed of it? What is so taboo about nudity? Everybody is naked under their garments. We all mostly look the same, with all the same parts and pieces. No other animal on Earth wears clothing. It's not exactly natural to be clothed; other than protection from the elements, the 'need' to wear clothing is purely a social construct.

    People completely freaked out over Janet Jackson's "wardrobe malfunction." It was just a boob after all. But the way people were talking about it, it was almost as if they had witnessed a gruesome execution. People tend to excessively sexualize nudity, and the point I was trying to make is that even though the government is going too far on this whole 'war on terror', there is nothing inherently sexual or shameful about the nude human form.