Sunday, August 29, 2010

Indentured labor

Do you really believe that the US military is overseas fighting for our 'freedom'?

Freedom from what?

Truth be told, we are NOT free.

Born in bondage in a prison that we cannot see, we are slaves, every one of us. Why do I say that? It's actually quite simple to grasp.

If you have debt, you are an indentured laborer. Slavery was officially abolished, but it never went away, it simply evolved. Instead, we have seen the rise of a debt economy where people no longer work to feed themselves and their families, but to pay off debt. This is an economic system that has been engineered to keep the masses from acquiring wealth, by keeping them in peonage.

Debt, of course, is accumulated when paying for medical care, when purchasing a vehicle, buying a home. But also through the expense of college loans. Too many people are sold on the lie that a college education guarantees employment, and it is not the case. If the student is not studying law, medicine or engineering, employment prospects justifying the cost of tuition are few and far between. Instead of being a useful stepping-stone towards a fulfilling career, college is merely a way to accumulate astronomical amounts of debt that will take years to repay.

The social order has not changed. Once again, the paupers are serfs, toiling away incessantly, making loan and credit card payments. What has changed is that the serfs now believe that they have a fighting chance to climb the social ladder, but apart from the very lucky or the exceptionally gifted, this belief is a delusion. Few people succeed in the quest for wealth.

Everyday we are bombarded with invitations to buy a new cell phone, a new car, a new television set. Everyday, we are enticed with offers for new furniture, expensive wine and luxurious garments.

Economic growth is an illusion, because most of it is based on measuring consumer spending on useless garbage that we really don't need. Instead, what we end up doing is locking ourselves into debt servitude.

Pay off your debts, and live free.

What is the true measure of wealth? Wealth is measured not by how much money you have, but by how much money is owed to you.