Saturday, July 24, 2010

Ok, sometimes you DO want to lock your car doors

In my previous post, I expressed my opinion that locking car doors is pointless. But apparently, this bear opened an unlocked car door, got trapped inside, knocked the transmission into neutral, sending the car 38 meters downhill into a thicket of trees, and completely tore up the upholstery.

I guess a german shepherd would have been useless in this case. But maybe if the door had been locked the bear would have moved on to a different car?


  1. This is all due to Stephen Colbert's war on bears, or "Ursus Americans." There aren't enough dumpsters and trash cans left open for these poor creatures, so they're being driven to break into cars.

    Don't blame the bears, blame the system.

  2. What I blame is human overpopulation causing suburbs to sprawl into their habitat.

    Thankfully, it was a black bear, and not a mama grizzly.

  3. This situation is really scary. One of the prior reasons why we should lock our car doors always.