Saturday, April 24, 2010

Cosmological Arguments

For the sake of argument, let's assume that the following statements are true:

Everything that had a beginning had a cause
The universe had a beginning.
Therefore, the universe had a cause.
We call this cause God.

Can someone explain to me how you can take such a deist concept of God and then prove that this is in fact the God of Moses and Abraham? I fail to see how anyone can make that leap. The evidence linking the deist creator to the Hebrew deity is just too thin. How do you know for sure that it is in fact the Hebrew God Yaweh that created the Universe? Why not Brahma? Or Ahura Mazda? Or the vomiting Mbombo? Or Mangala?

Buddhists don't believe that the universe had a beginning. "Conjecture about [the origin, etc., of] the world is an unconjecturable that is not to be conjectured about, that would bring madness & vexation to anyone who conjectured about it."


  1. ... because the Bible says so. That, my friend, is their reasoning.

  2. Good question, TAM hit on the obvious answer. But something else to think about is that that question isn't always to get you to become an instant Christian. It's the gateway drug to get you hooked on the other stuff. Like marijuana is the gateway drug to other more hardcore drugs. We sometimes would be happy to get you to admit that we do have a purpose and there was a beginning. If we can't even get that far and see you puff on a doobie, what chance do we have to convince you to take some cocaine?

    baby steps

    Peace in Mississippi, feeno