Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Tax the Churches

What would you say if you heard that some people don't pay their fair share of taxes while you do? What would you say if these people were much wealthier than you, and you paid more taxes than them? You would think this is unfair.

Well, some churches don't pay any taxes, passing the burden on to YOU to pay for useless foreign wars, among other wasteful government expenditures. You should be pissed.

Giving a tax break to a religious organization, is a GOVERNMENT ENDORSEMENT OF AN ESTABLISHMENT OF RELIGION, which violates the First Amendment of the United States Constitution.

Countless phony churches exist in the US, simply as tax shelters for rich individuals. Tax evasion is a FELONY. Demand that churches be taxed!

"Consider that for every tax dollar a religious organization does not pay, you and I pay it on its behalf. Many are among the wealthiest organizations in the world: by 1971, the amount of real and personal property owned by U.S. churches was approx. $110 billion. In New York City alone, the amount was $3 billion in 1989. A 1986 estimate showed religious income in that year of approx. $100 billion, or about five times the income of the five largest corporations in the U.S. All tax free. "-

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